Becky. 20. Asexual panromantic.
Talk to me in either female or male pronouns, doesn't bother me.

I'm a multishiper and multifandom blog.

I also adore arts and crafts, and often will post pictures or text posts about whatever I'm working on or learning.

I am interested in witchcraft and paganism, but can't practice until I move out.


    Devoted Roses Glossary

    A glossary of terms for my HON fic Devoted Roses. Will be updated as the therms are used.

    Conduits(Prologue): A conduit is a vampire who a god/dess uses to speak to other vampires. These vampires are possessed by the god/dess at times, losing control of their minds and bodies. These vampires will get all of their tattoos right after their first possession by their god/dess. If the god/dess pull their favor from these vampires the vampire‚Äôs body shuts down and dies, unable to survive without the god/dess power. Most conduits don’t survive their first possession.

    Tattoos of the Conduits often reflect the god that possesses them. I.e: Greek gods will be reflected with Greek lettering or symbols. Celtic gods with knots or tribal marks